About Lead4Change

The Lead4Change Student Leadership Program is a Leadership Curriculum with a Framework for Community Service.

We believe you and your students deserve the best education solutions that are proven, easy and free. With Lead4Change it’s easy!  These innovative leadership lessons are integrated easily into any subject area and all class or club settings. Designed to teach 6th – 12th graders how to lead and serve, the Lead4Change program is privately funded and available AT NO COST to educators and youth club advisers.

By using the Lead4Change program, you are creating transformation in your students and real change in your community.  Your students will remember you and this experience for a lifetime!

Since 2012, 1.8 million students have put their leadership skills to work.  Join the 14,000+ educators in our member community.  

Our Board

Our Educator Advisory Board members represent a cross-section of Educator Roles – teachers, principals, administrators, association leaders. 

These Advisors provide input and feedback to the sponsoring foundations in addition to mentoring potential and participating teachers. We invite you to connect and engage with them to make Lead4Change even better.


Lead4Change Student Leadership Program is the nation’s leading and fastest growing free leadership program for 6-12th grades. Lead4Change gives students opportunities to learn outside the classroom by connecting with their community and putting their leadership skills into action through project management, decision-making and teamwork while competing in the Lead4Change Challenge. All of this is made possible by these foundations.

David C. Novak

Co-Founder, Retired Chairman and CEO YUM! BRANDS, INC.

Novak and his wife, Wendy, established the Lift a Life Foundation in 1999 to help individuals in need reach their full potential through grants and programming in the areas of youth leadership development, hunger relief, early childhood education, juvenile diabetes and military family support. In 2012, Lift a Life Foundation, the former USA TODAY Charitable Foundation and Yum! Brands Foundation launched the “Lead4Change Student Leadership Program and Challenge” (formerly called Lead2Feed) to encourage middle and high school students to hone their leadership skills through community projects, such as hunger relief, using principles from Taking People With You


The Lead4Change Student Leadership Program works with Educational Associations and Organizations to bring the program to educators and students.  We value these relationships as we work together to enhance the leadership and service opportunities and resources for association members. Each year Lead4Change is represented at conferences, in newsletters and across the communication for these organizations.  

Certified Schools

The Lead4Change Certified Schools program honors active Lead4Change schools for their participation. You can become a certified school with: Two or more years of participation, Two or more teachers registered, One or more projects entered per year.

School Districts