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JaMonica Marion


Henry R. Clissold Elementary School




Chicago, IL

Clubs & Associations

FFA, NAAE, AITC, Illinois Association of Vocational Agriuctural Teachers, ASCD

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JaMonica was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois a world-class industrialized city. Yet, she has had strong ties to the agricultural industry for over twenty years. Her first introduction to agriculture began when she was a young child. During her summers she spent her time working on her family farm in Yazoo County, Mississippi. It was there she learned the importance of hard work and the now coined phrase, “farm to table”.

JaMonica’s love for agriculture continued when she was accepted at Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences. It was there she was introduced to the National FFA Organization. Her involvement with Chicago Ag Sciences FFA Chapter allowed her to develop her leadership skills through the many Career Development Events, National and State Conventions and various networking opportunities.

After obtaining her teaching licensure she returned to Chicago High School for Agricultural Science where she has taught two courses, Agricultural Careers and Leadership and she served as the chair of the Agricultural Department and FFA advisor – Agricultural Education. Realizing the importance of her high school education, she needed to create that type of experience for this current generation. JaMonica prides herself on creating a rich curriculum, content specific, yet creative enough to intrigue the minds of our future agriculturalists.

JaMonica’s second love is humanitarian acts. She prides herself on helping young people grow mentally, physically and spiritually. On many occasions, JaMonica is the only cheerleader for many of her students, by offering a listening ear, cultural experience and even monetary support. She empathizes with student’s lack of opportunities and resources because she is humbled by her privileges of international travels to: France, Italy, United Kingdom, and Ireland; and her heartfelt sense of community within her own family.

JaMonica’s education experience spans agricultural science, STEM, CTE, magnet elementary and high school level work. 

During the school year 2018-19, JaMonica took her love for education beyond the classroom as she embarked upon the role of Resident Principal at Matthew Gallister Language Academy and then served as the Assistant Principal at John Whistler Elementary School – a neighborhood where she once lived.  Currently, she is the Principal at Henry R. Clissold Elementary School.  Jamonica has taught and encouraged other educators to teach the Lead4Change program since 2013.  

She lives her life by the quote:

Children are like light bulbs: they come in different shapes, sizes and wattage, but need the same kind of outside source to illuminate. Educators turn on a light bulb!


Educational Background

MA, Educational Techonology

MA, School Administrator 

National AgriScience Teacher Ambassador

ED.D, Educational Leadership 2020