Lisa Chandler, NBCT

Lead2Feed advisory board member Lisa Chandler

George H. Moody Middle School


Gifted Resource Teacher


Henrico, Virginia

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A former English teacher, Lisa Chandler earned her gifted endorsement in the year 2000 and has been teaching gifted enrichment since that time.  Teaching at an IBMYP school, her students have an established foundation in community and service, so the Lead4Change program provides them the opportunity to extend their own experiences and become true leaders in this field.  Lead4Change has given her students the chance to create a vision, identify and overcome logistical obstacles, collaborate with peers, school administration, and the community, set their plans into motion, and achieve their goals.

The lesson “An Insight Driven Approach to Leading People and Achieving Big Goals” was very powerful for her students. Typical of teenage mentality, her groups naively thought that implementing their ideas into reality would take place easily and seamlessly.  Without fail, however, teams were faced with legal and logistical barriers that prevented them from accomplishing their original plans.  This lesson really helped them engage in real world situations that required them to consider multiple perspectives from community stakeholders to implement a meaningful and successful project.

Educational Background

BA—Secondary Education, English, Salisbury State University

Gifted Education Add-On Endorsement, Virginia Commonwealth University

English Language Arts, Early Adolescence NBCT: Initial Certification 2007, Renewal 2017

2013, 2014, 2015 Henrico 21 Award Recipient

2004 Regional Gifted Resource Teacher of the Year, VA

2003 JRMS Teacher of the Year, Henrico, VA