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Zudannie Nunez-Hernandez


Design and Architecture Senior High


Social Studies, Humanities


Miami, FL

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Mrs. Zudannie Nunez-Hernandez uses innovative teaching practices that foster inquiry and development of social studies in her Humanities courses while teaching reading through her curriculum by analyzing primary sources, hosting intense discussions and debates, role-playing, integrating technology, project learning that freely crosses disciplines, data-driven instruction, various grouping methods, service-learning and unique teaching techniques that create an environment where students are actively participating and engaged with the material which has proven successful as many of her students make learning gains every year specifically in reading comprehension and reference and research.

Service-learning, one of the teaching and learning strategies that she has designed, developed and executed has brought about meaningful community service activities with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. Her approach was designed to instill confidence, to develop students as successful leaders, learners, effective contributors, and responsible citizens. She provides her students with opportunities to investigate in-depth real-world topics worthy of their attention and effort. This has placed her in the forefront of the teaching field by developing and executing various school wide projects: a casserole project for the homeless soup kitchen in our city in which students form the entire campus are encouraged to make a meal every month for the needy in their community, taking an orphanage in Haiti under her wing and allowing her students to spearhead a community service project so amazing that her city mayor had to personally thank her and encourage the city of Coral Gables to join forces with her, touching the lives of hundreds of children scourged with childhood cancers through her students effortless acts of kindness through classroom projects aimed at bringing hope and peace.

She develops many of her own teaching materials, shares her unique teaching techniques with her colleagues and often seeks to incorporate the other disciplines in Humanities through project based learning. From having students write songs about their experiences as make-shift pioneers of the West, to creating dream catchers based on Native American cultural traditions, to designing colonial games, writing and performing Civil War plays, writing legal briefs on self-composed cases and presenting them to real attorneys and judges, participating in stock market simulations, lobbying the local government to make changes to school zone cross walks and implementing crossing guards at middle schools that don’t reap the benefit of having an elementary school nearby, preparing proposals conservation of the school’s history and presenting it the Preservation committee of the city, to reenacting the Boston Tea Party with Native American masks and all.

Students are often reluctant about their Humanities class and feel no real life connection to the study of the past but her passion and excitement is infectious! Kids who are excited about what they learn tend to dig deeply and to expand their interest in learning to a wide array of subjects. They retain what they learn rather than forget it as soon as they disgorge it for a test. They make connections and apply their learning to other problems. They learn how to collaborate, and their social skills improve. In most Humanities courses it takes students most of the year, if at all, to realize just how important our past is and how it affects our today and our tomorrow; she manages to make them realize that from the first day. And best of all they really know and feel that they can affect the world by the things they learn and do for others in her classes!

National Board Certified Candidate Teacher, 2010
International Baccalaureate  Level I Humanities, 2007
International Baccalaureate  Community and Service, Area of Interaction Leader, 2009
Florida Professional Teaching Certificate
Social Studies Grades 5-9
Gifted Endorsement

Professional Experience
National Recognized #19 High School And a Magnet Schools of America Distinguished  High School,Design & Architecture Senior High School, Gifted Humanities Teacher, Miami, FL
9th grade Gifted World History

International Baccalaureate, Gifted Humanities Teacher, Ponce de Leon Middle School, Coral Gables, FL
7th grade Gifted Civics-International Baccalaureate
8th grade United States History -International Baccalaureate
Coordinator for International Baccalaureate Community and Service
2010 Nominee for Teacher of the Year

“They really know and feel that they can affect the world by the things they learn and do for others.”

Educational Background

MA, University of Miami
BA, University of Florida
National Board Certified Candidate Teacher
International Baccalaureate Level I Humanities
International Baccalaureate Community and Service, Area of Interaction Leader