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The Lead4Change Student Leadership Program is helping to fill a gap in middle and high school education by giving students the opportunity to lead, create and implement team projects designed to meet a need in their school, local or global community. To see your personal invitation to join,  click here.

Give students a jump-start into the real world of leadership by offering comprehensive lessons which are aligned to education standards. Alignment guides, such as 21st Century Leadership Skills, PBL, SEL, and Literacy  are available in the member resources section.   

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There are several groups of people involved with Lead4Change


During this program, you will acquire and practice important skills that will mold you into a strong leader. Join in!

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Discover why teachers and advisors with groups of students working the Lead4Change lessons are our best voices.

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Groups of teens in a virtual or in-person setting engage in a meaningful and authentic leadership program.

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Students Lead.
Lives are Changed.

What excites students and teachers alike are the opportunities to put leadership skills into action in their communities. Give students a jump-start into the real world of leadership by offering comprehensive lessons aligned to standards and 21st-century skills.

• Adopted by more than 17,000 educators across all 50 states.
• Give students the connection and purpose they need!

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