About Lead4Change

What is it?
Who can participate?
Teams or individuals?
How many lessons are there?
When does the challenge contest start?
Are there awards?
How many hours are required for the service-learning project to complete this leadership program?
Local charity? Global?
Where can I find ideas for a project?

Okay I am interested, tell me more

Lesson details
What do my students get out of it?
Academic value
What do I get out of it?

I signed up, now what?

What do I need to get started?
Do students have to work in teams for the service-learning project or can they complete it on their own?
“Partner with a public organization” What does that mean?
I want to start (or have) a program but it's not a registered 501c3. How do I ensure that if we win a Lead4Change Challenge grant, the grant will go back into our program?
Do I have to present my service project to my charity before I begin?
If my students don’t have transportation to get to a charity, or they can’t fundraise, can I still participate?
Can my students work with a global organization to solve a problem outside our community?
How do I share my student's success throughout the program?

Deadlines, Guidelines & updates

Guidelines for evaluating projects to earn monetary awards?
Are there weekly check in’s?
I need support. I still have questions.