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As you work through the Lead4Change lessons, we want to spark your creativity and inspire you to put your leadership skills to work.  Whether you are at home or out in public, community service work is needed and you are ready to be a part of the change and solutions needed in your school, community and the world! We can’t wait to see what you will do.



Lead4Change Project Ideas with Respect for Physical Distancing


***  These are meant to be Idea Starters for Lead4Change Teams to develop their own unique projects  ***


Taking care of/Encouraging others 

* always take care to disinfect anything prior to delivery


Shopping and contact free drop off for elderly or infirmed community members


Delivering for Meals on Wheels and/or other non-profit providers


Chalk messages/Art in neighbors’ driveways to show encouragement


Homemade cards/letters for those who are isolated: elderly, infirmed, special needs


Strolling singers  can spread music and joy through neighborhoods, apartments, senior centers (with appropriate distancing)  Sit (individually) outside the windows of seniors at home or at a facility (with permission) and read books, talk or sing via cell phone. Those inside can dial in and listen while also seeing the person outside. Sharing a real smile with another person can be the perfect solution for a great day! The same idea can work for children. 


Record students on your team reading books or singing songs so children can follow along. Add a special message to the children. Connect in new ways, make it personal and fun. 


Scavenger hunts set up for individual elementary students to find and photograph items (with a parent/adult) Create a theme – list items easily found outside on walks close to home


Appreciation collage videos (made from home and blended together) sent to teachers, counselors, principals, school staff


Coordinted video calls to senior center residents – work with staff to gain permission and contact info.  


Congratulation signs created and delivered to yards of graduation seniors.




Capturing history


Multi-generational journaling and / or video interviews to document the experiences of 2020 in collaboration with an organization such as the Historical Society, Chamber of Commerce, local library, or school district.


Capture elementary, middle and high school students experiences of the 2020 year via video and written vignettes.  Share with the Yearbook staff and school district and/or local historical society




Pet Shelters & Animal Rescue Organizations – organize drives to raise money and/or donations of products needed.  


Farms – Connect farms with local food pantries and shelters to organize the donation of food items not sold.




Identify problems, obstacles, concerns which arise during a time of local or national crisis – Organize awareness and advocacy campaigns to bring attention and change thru political and/or legal channels. Where is there a need for accurate, clear and available information? How can you bring attention and assistance to a need through clear communication? 


Build a campaign to provide information to residents in your community – mental health hotlines, information channels and sources, ways to connect with others, ways to receive help


Build an Advocacy Campaign around a topic where change is needed. Choose a focus at school, in the school district or in the community.

Take steps to activate Advocacy to gain attention from Leaders, Politicians, Businesses, Parents – any audience who needs to be a part of the change.  


Helping Others/ Staying Connected

Connect “those who have” with “those who need” through effective communication.


Design a campaign to raise funds, buy gift cards and/or meals from local businesses and deliver to those in need – frontline workers, healthcare workers, isolated people (elderly, infirmed, special needs)  (** see for ideas)


Build a project around an issue where the information needs to be clearly communicated with urgency. An idea – how and where is food being distributed in your area? Find food resources, ways people can donate, or where food can be picked up.


Design a project to prepare and provide meals, food products or gift cards in appreciation to healthcare workers, police/firemen, retail and restaurant staff, janitorial staffs – or use your project to show them appreciation in any form.


Food insecurity – work with school district to design ways your team can assist with ensuring students and families are receiving their meals while not in school.  Communicate that information out in safe and multi-level ways. Not everyone has a digital connection. How can you share information? So many children receive their food from the school.  What are some ways you can be a part of a new solution or an improved process?


Stay Active – design a campaign to share virtual activities for multi-generational exercise and activity routines (done individually). Create tracking and connectivity to make it fun and gives a sense of community


Find ways to stay involved across generations. Design projects that allow connection with seniors who cannot have visitors or young children who cannot play together during times of restricted gathering. 


Work outdoors (with permission from local officials, businesses, and non-profits) to improve the community. While practicing social distancing guidelines, choose approved activities appropriate for the season such as cleaning up parks, tending a garden, or removing snow.


What ideas do you have?  Contact us and we will add your ideas here. 

Be a part of something BIG!

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  • Change your school, your community, your world – with your ideas and your team!
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