School Participation

The Lead4Change Student Leadership Program is a leadership curriculum with a community service framework.  

Here’s how:

  1. Register on our website to gain access to all materials and start making a BIG leadership difference in the lives of your students.  You will kick-off each lesson and then let your students take initiative as they work in teams.
  2. Receive a Welcome Packet which includes the leadership book, Taking People With You, by David Novak. This book is our gift, and the source from which the Lead4Change lessons were developed.
  3. Choose lesson format: 6-track lessons estimates 75-minutes per lesson (or for a semester) or the 12-lesson format which estimates 45-minutes (or less) per lesson.
  4. Oversee the completion of the community service project that students design and implement within the lessons.
  5. Share the story of your students’ work in the Lead4Change Challenge.



Teachers and students teaching and learning the Lead4Change lessons are our best voices. Short, specific testimonials from a wide range of perspectives. See what our members have to say here