Why participate?

  • The Lead4Change Student Leadership Program is a leadership curriculum with a community service framework. 
  • Lessons are ready to use! (videos, activities, step-by-step guides and resources)
  • Engage students to collaborate and complete a service-learning project of their choice and have a chance to earn grants to continue or expand the project.


Who? 3 or more students in any grade 6-12 (think siblings or neighbors!) with an adult leader (you!). Students do not need to be in the same grade.

What? Free, online, ready-to-use lessons that allow students to connect while completing a service project with a public charity (we have resources and project ideas with respect to physical distancing). The service project can be entered into the Lead4Change Challenge for the chance to win grant money for a charity to further the work you started.

When? Work on the lessons whenever it’s convenient. Timing is flexible – meaning you can lead the lessons over a few weeks or all year. The kind of service project and the number of hours committed is up to you and the students.

Where? Virtually or in-person!  Download the digital lessons, make a copy to share in Google Docs or print. Students can walk each other through the lessons, the videos, and learn how to reach out to others following the concept of taking others with you.

Why? Students practice and develop the confidence to lead others and to work as part of a team to create change. Students will use skills of collaboration and teamwork, problem-solving, creativity, and communication to make a difference in their neighborhood or community.  Teachers have stated they see students develop passion and voice.

  • Passion: Oversee the completion of the community service project that the teens design by choice and implement within the lessons. The project is embedded in the lessons, so when the lessons are complete, so is the project.  This process can be applied to many large projects in life.
  • Voice: Aide teens in learning how to find a qualified non-profit organization to partner on their efforts. (great time to invite the community members to talk more in-depth about non-profit organizations and community needs)


What else?  As students work their way through the lessons, they are also completing and submitting (online) the pieces needed for the Lead4Change Challenge. Then, the adult leader submits the final entry form for a chance to win a grant for your charity or school. New for 2020-21 is the Entry Submission Tool found in resources.


Plus – All registered members are assigned a Lead4Change Education Outreach Consultant (yes!) who is ready to answer any questions you have, offer guidance, and provide tips/suggestions along the way!  All consultants have been (or are) educators and happy to assist.

Now is your time to get teens to:

  • discover – create – explore – volunteer – and learn leadership skills that will show them how to work with others to get BIG goals accomplished,
  • use the skills to lead them through life no matter what comes their way.
  • Register today!