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Youth Club Participation

Why participate?

  • Do you have a group of teens ready to engage in a meaningful and authentic out-of-school program?
  • Are you ready to lead them to develop the elements needed to live rewarding adult lives (such as building relationships and maintaining a sense of purpose)?
  • Would you prefer a program that has the strength of voice, choice, problem-solving and is also ready-to-use?

The Lead4Change Student Leadership Challenge is a team-based and ready-to-implement 21st Century leadership program which fosters and develops skills in:

  • Effective Communication
  • Leading in teams
  • Taking action to find and solve real-life community (or global) issues in which they have a passion.
    • Projects such as digital literacy, mental health, cyberbullying, hunger, poverty, animal assistance, etc are just a few of the voice/choice projects students have woven into the Lead4Change Leadership Lessons (see the complete list of project ideas on resource page).

Throughout this leadership program, your teens (enrolled in grades 6-12) will participate in a leadership development program inspired by former CEO of Yum! Brands, David Novak’s book, Taking People With You. In addition, you will have access to video messages from David and real teachers, along with social media outlets to connect and communicate throughout the program. Schools and other clubs/associations throughout the country implement this program so if you prefer to partner up or need advice, we are here to help.

These Leadership Lessons have activities which parallel a community service project and lead our youth to develop skills not only in community service but how to develop a project through completion. Skills that will last a lifetime.

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Register on our website to gain access to all materials and start making a BIG leadership difference in the lives of the teens you work with.
  2. Receive a Welcome Packet which includes the leadership book, Taking People With You, by David Novak. This book is our gift and the source from which the Lead4Change lessons and activities were developed.
  3. Choice: Decide which lesson format to follow: 6-track lessons estimates 75-minutes per lesson (or for a summer) or the 12-lesson format which estimates 45-minutes (or less) per lesson (depends on your length of time with your group)
  4. Kick-off each section of the program with David’s inspiring video followed by the activities where your teens will gain leadership skills, self-awareness and reflection through lessons and exercises which allow your teen to take initiatives as they work in teams.
  5. Passion: Oversee the completion of the community service project that the teens design by choice and implement within the lessons. 
  6. Voice: Aide teens in learning how to find a qualified non-profit organization to partner on their efforts. (great time to invite the community members to your club to talk more in-depth about non-profit organizations…or you may have your club listed to see the work and benefits come back in return).

Complete and submit (online) the Lead4Change Challenge entry as you work your way through the activities and submit the final entry form for a chance to win a grant for your charity or school.

Now is your time to get teens to:

  • discover – create – explore – volunteer – and learn leadership skills that will show them how to work with others to get BIG goals accomplished.
  • use the skills to lead them through life no matter what comes their way.