Presenting Foundations

Lead4Change Student Leadership Program is the nation’s leading and fastest growing free leadership program for 6-12th grades. Lead4Change gives students opportunities to learn outside the classroom by connecting with their community and putting their leadership skills into action through project management, decision-making and teamwork while competing in the Lead4Change Challenge. All of this is made possible by these foundations:



About Novak Family Foundation

The Novak Family Foundation was established in 1999 by David and Wendy Novak. In 2012, Novak Family Foundation began their generous funding of the Lead4Change Student Leadership Program.  Each year, David Novak and Novak Family Foundation fully underwrite the Lead4Change Program with a mission of bringing the leadership lessons to Every School, Every Student.

The mission of The Novak Family Foundation is to lead the way with innovative programs that help people in need and develop future leaders. The Foundation focuses on creative partnerships that make a lasting impact in the primary areas of hunger relief, early childhood education, juvenile diabetes, military family support and leadership development. Since the Foundation began, it has helped thousands of people in need through grants and programming support. Find out more about David Novak.

About Foundation for Impact on Literacy and Learning

The Foundation for Impact on Literacy and Learning, a 501c3 organization, supports and builds alliances that enhance innovative, instructional programs and community outreach by providing the resources to promote new opportunities and participation. The foundation welcomes participation in efforts to engage, enlighten and inspire today’s students and educators by opening their classrooms to the real world.

The Foundation seeks funding from other foundations, private companies and organizations to help provide educational programs for elementary, secondary schools, community colleges and/or programs in specific disciplines or curriculum areas. The Foundation works with interested parties to collaborate on the creation of an educational program that meets the mission and goals for respective companies or organizations.

The Lead4Change Student Leadership Program is a registered, trademarked program of the Foundation for Impact on Literacy and Learning.  For more information about the Foundation, visit our website or contact